Admissions and Aids for Veterans Administration

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Students who are certified are all those who receive benefits from:

Chapter 1606, Chapter 1607 (REAP) and Chapter 30

What do I have to do when I finish in the Reserve?

  1. 1.     Must apply for the benefits at in section Apply for Benefits

    2.     Must complete and submit Form 22-1990 (Apply for educational benefits)

    3.     Once you complete and submit the request to the system, you will receive a confirmation that you must save.

    4.     If you have applied for the benefit and received the Certificate of Eligibility, you must submit a copy to the Registrar's Office. Monthly verify your information using the WAVE System. If you do not verify the system, you will not receive payment. You can do it at

Chapter 35 – Survivors and Dependents of veterans

In order to receive benefits you must be the son, daughter or spouse of a veteran who died or who is permanently or totally disabled due to a disability related to active duty in the Armed Forces.

  1. 1.     Must apply for the benefits at in section Apply for Benefits

    a.     Must complete and submit Form 22-5490 (Application for Survivors’ and Dependents’ Educational Assistance)

    b.     Once you received the Certificate of Eligibility, you must submit a copy to the Registrar’s Office. Is very important that you hand in the Certificate of Eligibility. This document shows the number that identifies the student as a beneficiary, which is essential for the Institution to certify your studies.

Chapter Post 9/11

  1. To apply for the first time you must bring the Certificate of Eligibility that indicates the percentage to which you were eligible and the number of months that you were approved.

  2. Must submit a copy at the Registrar’s Office.

  3. Then you must go through the Bursar’s Office so that you can pay your tuition.

Chapter 31 – Vocational Rehabilitation

A student receiving benefits from Chapter 31, must always bring the following documents:

  • Form 28-1905, duly authorized by the Veterans Administration Coordinator.

Students with the benefit of this chapter are entitled to the payment of books and materials necessary to complete their study goals. To receive this benefit you must:

  • Go through the Registrar’s Office, request and complete the form 'Request for supplies'. The form has to include the description, quantity and cost of material that you are interested in purchasing.


Financial Aid for Military, Veterans and Dependents:

GI Bill

The GI BILL military benefit is provided by the US Department of Military Affairs to active soldiers, reservists, dependents, and veterans wishing to pursue an educational career.


The GI Bill offers several benefits depending on the time and service provided by the soldier.

Here is the list:

  • Montgomery GI Bill Chapter 30 – Active Duty Program.

  • Chapter 31 (VR and E) – Vocational Rehabilitation Program.

  • Chapter 32 (VEAP) – Veteran Education Assistance Program.

  • Chapter 35 (DEA) – Educational Assistance Program for Survivors and Dependents

  • Montgomery GI Bill Chapter 1606 (MGIB-SR) – Selected Reserve Program

  • Chapter 1607 (REAP) – Reserve Educational Assistance Program

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