The International Baking and Pastry program prepares students to obtain entry level employment as bakers and/or confectioners in the hotel industry, and service in commercial bakeries and pastry shops, hotels, restaurants at an entry level, and/or to establish their own business. Students acquire knowledge on hygiene and sanitation, nutrition, and menu planning. The curriculum includes theory components and practice in laboratory, and field experience under the supervision of a master chef or pastry chef. Particular emphasis is given to safety rules and procedures, and the acquisition and handling of materials, utensils, and equipment customary in the trade. It includes adaptation and preparation of recipes, and bread-making, European pastry, cakes, chocolate, and classic and modern sugar decoration styles.

General Objectives:

Over the course of the Baking and International Pastry program the student: 

1.      Will identify the most significant events in culinary history with emphasis on bakery and pastry.

2.      Will acknowledge the importance of hygiene and sanitation in the baking and international pastry field.

3.      Will apply mathematical processes in the solution of problems.

4.      Will utilize correct bread-making techniques.

5.      Will apply the knowledge acquired in the preparation of cakes and their varieties.

6.      Will correctly use the techniques and tools necessary for cake decoration in varied styles.

7.      Will develop the ability to work with chocolate and sugar.

8.      Will apply advanced techniques in the preparation of an extensive variety of European pastry products.

9.      Will develop appropriate techniques to master job search and retention, interpersonal relations, and effective communication skills.

10.   Will apply the knowledge and skills acquired in externship experiences in real work scenarios.

Occupational objectives

The common work title or any in relation thereto can be found in the Dictionary of Occupational Titles of the United States Department of Labor, Codes D.O.T.: 313.131-022; 313.381-018; 313.381-026; 313.687-010; 315.131-014.  The “Standard Occupational Classification” 51-3011, 35-2011, 35-2012, 35-2014 for this work title and any other code in relation thereto can be found in the O*NET section of the U.S. Department of Labor.

Gainful Employment: 

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