Any person interested in being admitted to the Escuela Hotelera de San Juan in either of the two study programs we offer, must meet the following admission requirements:

  1. To demonstrate, with a transcription of credits or diploma, to be a graduate of a high school recognized by the Department of Education of Puerto Rico or an Accrediting Agency recognized by the government of the United States or Puerto Rico. It may also prove to have passed the High School Equivalency Exam (GED) administered by the Department of Education of Puerto Rico. Or evidence, with a transcription of credits that have completed two years of a Bachelor’s degree, or a two years Associate’s Degree that are acceptable to transfer towards a Bachelor.

  2. Complete the admission application and demonstrate your motivation to work in a position related to your program. If you are under 21, in addition to the applicant, the parent or legal representative must sign. The Application for Admission can only be completed by the prospective student.

  3. Be a US citizen or legal resident and present evidence.

  4. Pay the $50.00 admission fee, any refund will be made according to the cancellation policy unless the candidate is rejected, in that case the admission fee will be refundable.

  5. Bring a health certificate issued by the Puerto Rico’s Department of Health

  6. Bring a vaccine certificate, if you are under 21 years of age. In the case of exemptions of vaccines for religious and / or medical reasons, it must be delivered to the Admissions Office. The candidate must submit an affidavit requesting religious exemption. This must indicate the name of the religion or sect and must be signed by the parent or legal guardian and the Minister of the religion. If the exemption is medical, shall submit a certification requesting the same and it must be signed by a doctor authorized to practice in Puerto Rico and must indicate the specific reason and duration of the conditions for which it cannot be vaccinated.

Late enrollment Period

In the event that are spaces available, the Institution will consider applications from candidates for admission up to ten working days after classes have begun. Deadlines for accepting late enrollments appear on the school calendar. It will be the responsibility of the student to catch up and replenish the work covered during this period.

Admission Process

Note: Prior to the request for admission, admissions officers will provide a copy of the catalog for each student for review.

  • The Escuela Hotelera de San Juan does not offer employment as an incentive for enrollment.

  • None of the programs of the Escuela Hotelera de San Juan leads to positions, occupations or professional careers that require a license in Puerto Rico.

  • When a candidate is interested in enrolling in one of our programs and meets the admission requirements, we will proceed to:

  • The admissions officer guides him about the academic offer, starting dates, available schedules, and course duration and admission requirements. Then proceed to give a tour to show the facilities of the school.

  • Referred to the Bursar’s office to be oriented about the costs of the program and possibilities of payment.

  • Referred to the Office of Financial Aid to be guided on the financial aid available.

  • The Admissions Coordinator interviews the candidate and verifies that he/she has understood all the information that provided. In case the student decides to apply for the program, the Coordinator will require the documentation and set a delivery date.

  • If after the orientation offered, the prospective student is interested in starting the process of admission, an application for admission is handed to be completed and delivered with the required documents.

  • The prospective student is referred back to the Bursar’s Office to make the payment for the admission fee.

  • Once all the documentation has been handed in, the Admission Coordinator hand over the file to the Academic Director to be evaluated and decided to accept or reject the candidate.

  • The student may apply for financial assistance if it qualifies. Also, may request a payment plan provided by the School, if necessary.

  • The Welcome and Orientation is coordinated with the Academic Director. During this event institutional policies of EHSJ are discussed, and the documents accompanying them are signed, as well as the Registration Contract.

* Prospective students who do not reside in Puerto Rico must contact the School by telephone to receive all academic and economic orientation; complete the application for admission and pay the admission fee. The application will be considered by the Academic Director and the decision will be communicated by mail. Once accepted, students not residing in Puerto Rico must make an appointment to see the facilities prior to the beginning of classes; they should also attend the orientation offered prior to the beginning of classes so that the enrollment process is completed. Accepted students who do not reside in Puerto Rico will be provided information of available accommodations, although the Escuela Hotelera does not own or maintain in any case these accommodations. Although not essential, it is advisable to have motorized transportation. The Escuela Hotelera is located near major hospitals, if need arises, the staff of the School will transport the student.

At the beginning of each course the institution assigns an instructor to each new group, who will be the person in charge of the training during the first three semesters. However, and in agreement with the organization of the center, the instructor can be changed.