Specialist in Culinary Arts Program

The Specialist in Culinary Arts program prepares the students to work as entry-level cooks in the industry of food and beverage. They may also start their own business. Students alegran about hygiene and sanitation, nutrition, and menu planning, professional cooking basic skills, international and local cuisine, poultry, meat, and seafood cutting and preparation, Garde manger, buffet preparation techniques, table service and protocol, breakfast and delicatessen preparation, pastry, beverage service, and more. The laboratory experience in the institution contributes to the development of skills in the areas of study. Students also learn kitchen administration and personnel supervision techniques. The externship experience takes place in real work scenarios.

General Objectives

During the course of Specialist in Culinary Arts the student:

1.      Will  identify  the  most  significant  events  in  culinary  history  and  the  cultural  influences  that  contributed  to  its development.

2.      Will recognize the importance of hygiene and sanitation in the culinary industry.

3.      Will apply mathematical operations in the solution of problems related to food preparation.

4.      Will apply basic nutrition concepts in the planning and preparation of menus with balanced dishes.

5.      Will develop the fundamental techniques of professional cooking.

6.      Will apply appropriate techniques in the preparation of sauces, creams, soups, vegetables, rice, and pasta.

7.      Will show mastery in the techniques for the preparation of different cuts using poultry, meat, and seafood, and cooking methods.

8.      Will put into practice the learned garde manger techniques.

9.      Will develop abilities in the preparation of buffets, table service, and protocol.

10.   Will apply the correct breakfast preparation techniques.

11.   Will develop appropriate techniques of job search and interviews.

12.  Will apply the knowledge and skills acquired in externship experiences in real work scenarios.

Occupational objectives:

The common work title or any in relation thereto can be found in the Dictionary of Occupational Titles of the United States Department of Labor, Codes D.O.T.: 305.281-010, 313.361-014, 315.361-010, 313.131-018, 313.361-030, 313.687.010, 313.374-010, 313.374-014, 313.381-018, 313.381-022, 313.381-026, 313.381-030, 313.687-010,523.685-030. The “Standard Occupational Classification” for this work title can be found in the O*NET section of the U.S. Department of Labor: 35-2013.00, 35-2014.00, 35-2012.00, 51-9051.00, 35-1011.00, 35-2011.00, 35-2015.00, 35-1011.00, 35-2021.00, 51-3093, and any other related code.

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