Bursar’s Office

The Bursar’s office facilitates the entrance of income to the Institution performing the collections of educational services offered to students at the Escuela Hotelera de San Juan. They are responsible for managing cash and maintaining strict confidentiality. We interact with different departments of the institution, which need support from our office.

Our objectives

  • To process collection of the debts that the students and entities have with the Institution that have not been able to recover to their expiration

  • Collect and deposit the funds received at the Institution for different concepts, mainly study costs.

  • Provide reliable and timely information so that payments can be made correctly.

  • Provide quality service to students.

  • Keep students' accounts up to date.

  • Billing promptly to entities and agencies that provide aid to students.

  • Handling cash, cards and deposits appropriately.

  • Collection of the sales of uniforms, tools and books, keeping controls for merchandise clearance.

Contact us:

Karla Krause, kkrause@escuelahotelera.edu